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Free Shipping from €50,00


Shipment policy

As soon as Step by Step receives the payment, the order is confirmed and the shipment is executed within 2 working days.

The product is delivered at the address indicated by the Customer.

At any time, Step by Step can verify the Customer’s address.

Shipping costs are at Customer’s charge and are indicated at the completion of the order procedure.

In order for the shipment to be successful, the Customer is required to provide the phone number to be contacted for support, where necessary.

Step by Step can deny an order in such cases not limited to the following examples: customer’s personal data not true, products not available, etc. In case of order refusal, the Customer is refunded.




Step by Step delivers with the BRT and DHL couriers, to the locations reported in the following table.

Step by Step apologizes for not delivering products to mail boxes and APO/FPO addresses (US base).


Shipping Costs

Italy*: Free shipping from € 90,00.

Zone Countries Costs
Canada - Unites States Canada, United States € 27,00
Free shipping from € 600,00; surcharges not included.
Italia All regions, islands included

*for Remote Locations please see the dedicated table
€ 3,90
Free shipping from € 50,00; surcharges not included.
*For Remote Locations, Surcharge € 5,00
Zona 1 Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia € 9,90
Free shipping from € 150,00; surcharges not included.
Zona 2 France, Spain, United Kingdom € 11,90
Free shipping from € 200,00; surcharges not included.
Zona 3 Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Sweden € 12,90
Free shipping from € 200,00; surcharges not included.

Remote Locations

Zip code Province
00051 RM
00059 RM
02025 RI
03016 FR
03040 FR
04020 LT
04027 LT
06027 PG
07024 OT
07046 SS
09014 CI
10080 TO
13010 VC
13019 VC
13028 VC
13884 BI
15050 AL
15056 AL
15060 AL
16046 GE
16048 GE
17010 SV
17019 SV
17030 SV
17034 SV
17037 SV
17042 SV
17046 SV
17048 SV
18025 IM
19020 SP
21010 VA
23010 SO
23020 SO
23023 SO
23029 SO
23030 SO
23031 SO
25040 BS
25050 BS
25080 BS
28862 VB
29010 PC
30124 VE
30126 VE
30133 VE
30141 VE
30142 VE
32010 BL
32030 BL
32041 BL
33020 UD
33040 UD
33080 PN
33090 PN
38010 TN
38029 TN
38035 TN
38039 TN
38041 TN
38048 TN
38070 TN
38071 TN
38077 TN
38080 TN
38089 TN
39010 BZ
39016 BZ
39020 BZ
39024 BZ
39026 BZ
39027 BZ
39029 BZ
39030 BZ
39032 BZ
39033 BZ
39040 BZ
39043 BZ
39050 BZ
39054 BZ
39056 BZ
39058 BZ
40025 BO
41045 MO
42035 RE
48013 RA
50034 FI
51021 PT
56045 PI
57030 LI
57031 LI
57032 LI
57033 LI
57034 LI
57036 LI
57037 LI
57038 LI
57039 LI
58012 GR
58019 GR
58044 GR
63096 AP
64010 TE
64030 TE
64031 TE
64033 TE
64043 TE
66040 CH
67030 AQ
71040 FG
80051 NA
80070 NA
80071 NA
80073 NA
80074 NA
80075 NA
80076 NA
80077 NA
80079 NA
86043 CB
87014 CS
87020 CS
87050 CS
87066 CS
87070 CS
87073 CS
88825 KR
89012 RC
89030 RC
89040 RC
90010 PA
91010 TP
91017 TP
91023 TP
92010 AG
98050 ME
98055 ME


VAT is included in the product price.



DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipment is in the European Union.



DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) shipment is used in all other countries.

Customer is responsible for payment of any local taxes of importation.


Delivery time

Shipments are processed from Monday to Friday, 8.00 am -12.00 pm.

Orders issued during the weekend are processed next Monday morning.

Deliveries are not performed during National holidays.

Italy: the estimated time is 2-4 working days. Due to special events the delivery may take longer.

Europe: the estimated time is 3-6 working days. Due to special events the delivery may take longer.


Shipment tracking

When the order is shipped, Customer receives an e-mail from the Courier, specifying the tracking number to monitor the shipment.

There are 3 ways to monitor the order delivery:

Using the e-mail sent by the Courier: click on "Tracking".

Using the Courier website: enter the ID code, provided by the Courier with the e-mail, in the section "Tracking your shipment"

Using Step by Step Account: access section "My Account" on Step by Step website, then section "Last Orders". Look at the details of the order you need to track.


Delivery policy

Items are usually delivered from Monday to Friday, over the whole day, to street level, unless an additional service has been added to the shipment, which entails delivery at a given time, or according to given specifications.

Whether the addressee is absent at the time of delivery the courier will leave a delivery attempt notice to be used by the Customer to get in contact directly with the Courier.

Note: a second delivery attempt will be done by the Courier the day after at the same time of the first attempt. After 2 days, form the first delivery attempt, in case of missed pick-up of the order by the Customer, the Courier will initiate the return procedure.

The return costs will be charged to the Customer. In this event the Customer will not be refunded of the order price.


Lost orders

Whether the order is not delivered within 1 week from the receiving of the confirmation e-mail from the Courier, please notify us via an e-mail to customerservice@stepbystepshop.com or filling in the form in the section "After-sales service".