Our products are original and new.

Whether the Customer is not satisfied of the product, you can request the return within 7 days of delivery.

Return is not allowed to Customer who have bought the order as a Company.

Shipping costs for the return shall be borne by the customer, (€ 5.90 additional charge for more uncomfortable place)


Return instructions

The Customer is required to follow the following instructions in order to be authorized for a return:

- please enter Step by Step website, section "My Account – My orders", click on "After-sales service" and then click on the return request. Select the order and send the request through the form. The system automatically shows only the orders that have been delivered in the last 14 days.

- the Customer will receive an e-mail from Step by Step with the return instructions.

Shoes: shall be returned new, never used nor worn. The original bag is part of the product and shall be returned intact with the product inside. The original bag shall not be used as delivery packaging. A delivery packaging shall be made for delivery, to protect the original bag. Warning! The shoes shall be tried on a cleaned floor or a carpet and kept on just the time necessary to verify the size; in this way wrinkles are prevented and the soles are kept clean.

Clothing: shall be returned new, never used nor worn, nor washed. The product shall be returned intact in its original bag, with all labels and security seals not removed.

Luggage, Bags and Accessories: shall be returned new, never used nor worn. The product shall be returned intact in its original bag, with all labels and security seals not removed.

The removal of labels or any damages or modifications of the product will be intended as the product has been worn/used, therefore the return/refund is denied. Following these simple instructions a refusal to return/refund is prevented.

The shipping costs for return are at Customer charge. The product shall be packed for delivery as well as it has been received from Step by Step.

The product to be returned shall be picked-up by the Courier at the same address where it has been delivered originally.

Step by Step may apply surcharges or deny the return/refund whether not authorized and/or the products are not conforming to the above mentioned instructions.

Step by Step si riserva il diritto di applicare supplementi di costo o rifiutare resi e rimborsi non autorizzati o comunque non conformi a tutte le condizioni previste.

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